Need we say
more? It’s a glorious dawn for customer service professionals across West
Africa, with the launch of the French version in 2018; the WAACSP team is glad
to integrate the English arm and is now strategically positioned to achieve its
objective: Promote the customer service
industry alongside the business community of West Africa

Africa is the new destination and the ECOWAS sub region is the bride of ‘Destination Africa’. A lot of businesses are springing up in the sub and hundred more international businesses are investing in Africa. West Africa is accounting for 33% of non Africa business inroads to the continent with Ghana (English) and Cote D’Ivore (French) accounting to over 19% of FDI to the region.

Top brands,
Silicon Valley firms, Tech companies are expanding, Africa is the sough after
destination and brands coming in are analyzed on the strength of:

Sales: 30%

Visibility: 15%

Sales support
and customer service: 40%

Others: 15%

Google Customer Service support center in India attends to the Africa, Asia and Middle East markets, since set up, have increased the company’s ads revenue by 11% in 2018 with a forecast growth rate of 4.1% in 2019. Aside that, it currently employs over 700 CS professionals with service support in over 17 languages across Africa, the Middle East and Asian continents.

The forecast; With Facebook setting up same structure in
Ghana and Kenya by 2021, expect same effect, many tech firms are taking service
delivery to market space and engaging with users in the language they
understand underscores the growing importance of language related customer

Customer Service, Customer Experience is the driving force of
repeat sales and the soul of B2C’s. The industry in West Africa largely
unregulated allows for undervaluing of the industry and neglect of it members,
hence the setting up of a regulatory, directory and certification network; West
Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals. The enabling bill is
still awaiting ECOWAS council approval.

The community is ready to lead in business growth delivery
and we are championing these by supporting local and international businesses
with excellent, experienced and competent customer experience (CX)
professionals the region have on offer…take advantage and grow!

Welcome to WAACSP-English!

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